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At Fabulous BBQ you will find all the BBQ favourites in our Set Menus; succulent sausages, melt in the mouth BBQ chicken and beautiful burgers, along with seafood and steak specials.

But this isn’t just any BBQ, it’s a FABULOUS BBQ!

With the largest collection of professional world BBQ event catering equipment in the country, we are in a league of our own when it comes to BBQ catering for corporate and private events. 

Be it Churrasco, Asado, low n slow, spit roasts, Caribbean, Middle Eastern or something completely unique - we are the BBQ experts and we LOVE getting creative!

Fabulous is more than a BBQ, it’s a dining experience that your guests will talk about long after the charcoal’s gone out.


Brazilian Churrasco

Our South American rotisseries most certainly brought the party when we imported them from Brazil!  

As the original Brazilian Churrasco BBQ caterer in the country, we’ve been working with these machines for over 10 years and have perfected the art of Churrasco for our clients.

Picanha beef, Churrasco De Frango, Brazilian Linguica sausages and skewers of vegetables drizzled with virgin olive oil are just some of the stars at any of our Churrasco BBQ shows.


A classic gaucho real fire cooking method from the plains of Río de la Plata, that brings a dramatic and interesting backdrop to your BBQ event, and most importantly cooks AMAZING tasting meats and vegetables!

Whole British saltmarsh lamb cooked on the Asado cross for 7 hours brushed with Argentinian salmuera brine, made from water, salt, garlic, lemon and rosemary

Asado de Tira - Juicy Jacob’s Ladder Dedham Vale beef ribs (4-hour cook)

Fire roasted vegetables, whole sweet potatoes, butternut squash, aubergine, onions and garlic slow roasted over real flame – mmmmmm

South African Spit Roasts

This medieval, slow and gentle cooking technique creates some of the most tender and succulent meat in the BBQ world and is a stunning back drop of food theatre at any event.

Whole Dingley Dell Hogs with crackling and freshly made apple sauce (7-hour cook)
Whole British saltmarsh lamb, studded with rosemary and garlic (3-hour cook) 
Baron of Beef (6-hour cook)  
Dingley Dell pork legs with crackling and freshly made apple sauce (4-hour cook)


Taste the Fabulous difference with meat options that have already been smoked for up to 16 hours in the power house smoker at the Fabulous barn in Essex before being finished in offset smokers at your event.

Pulled pork in a Fabulous BBQ rub | Low ‘n’ Slow beef in a salt and pepper rub | Pulled lamb shoulder in rosemary rub | Smoky shredded chicken in garlic and herb rub | Baby back ribs marinated in Fabulous BBQ sauce | Whole smoked turkey

British food is great!

Food Provenance Pic.jpg

Yes, we cook animals, but we also like to know where they have spent their life and that is was a happy and much loved one.  Having a fully traceable local supply chain makes this possible. 

All our farms and suppliers meet the highest standards in animal welfare and food growing.

Eco Friendly
Leave nothing but footprints

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We love the planet as much as we love our Fabulous clients and guests, so we ensure we care for it as we do about your dining experience.

No one wants to see plastic floating in the sea, and this is one of the many reason we use Vegware.

All our high-quality disposable cutlery, cups, napkins and straws are 100% biodegradable.

Our eco-disposable plates from Wholeleaf are made from naturally fallen Indian palm leaves.  So beautiful and durable guests often try to return them for cleaning.

And we only use additive free, premium BBQ charcoal grown in sustainable British forests by Oxford Charcoal.